Friday, June 19, 2009

History - Elk

"Look across Tomales Bay to see Millerton Point on the opposite shore, the source of food and supplies for Inverness for many years.  After the great Earthquake and Fire of '06, dozens of San Franciscans built small summer homes in Inverness to insure a place to live in the event another disaster would wipe out their city digs.  By 1913 the growing resort population drove out the Wapiti or Roosevelt elk, native to the Point Reyes Peninsula.  Old newspaper accounts record that the herd was so large a swimming gang of animals 50 feet in breadth could be seen crossing the Bay day and night for three days.  Rangers in the

National Seashore hope someday to re-establish a herd of elk."

Margot Patterson Doss: Paths of Gold (SF: Chronicle Bks, 1974,  p.156)

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